The late night scene in Kenya’s cities and towns can be described as simply vibrant, fun and plentiful. After the sun has set in the ‘green city of Nairobi’, travelers and visitors can be fully entertained in some of the city’s stylish andexciting bars and nightclubs. Kenyans too love to party!

This is therefore achance to meet and interact with locals as you drink

and dance to music of your choice. Nightlife at the Coast is as exciting as the Swahili name given tothe main city of Mombasa, ‘Mombasa

Raha’ (Swahili term meaning Mombasa Fun). A perfect way to spend evenings after basking in the sun, if you have energy, you could sample some of the coastal towns’ nightlife. Bars and nightclubs are most popular during the weekends- whether one is suffering from cold sores or not.


This as a destination for digital nomads, locals, tourists and expatriates like to meet under the stylish,sophisticated and electric ambience of cosmopolitan secure nightspots where resident DJs belt out the latest dance music. To sweeten the nightlife experience,professional table service waiters are there to serve you from a rich menu of spirits, liquor, cocktails and shooters

Bars and nightclubs aside, Kenya’s beauty after sunset is impeccable! Lights on! Cameras on! At the roof top of Nairobi’s skyscrapers, the beauty of the city at night comes to life. Exercise your photography skills by taking shots of Nairobi’s skyline, the people and places that dot Nairobi’s architecture.


Searching for a winning getaway? Why not test your luck at

some of Kenyans renowned casinos. They are spacious, inviting, clean and ready to welcome you with open arms. Many casinos exude high

energy and an excitement when you belly up to the tables or the

slots. You get the chance to play your favorite games as you listen to your favorite music with friends. For those looking for a combination

of the beach, nightlife and casinos, Coastal Kenya is your destination of choice. The cityof Nairobi presents you urban nightlife, mellow music and the chance to dine with friends as you try your best luck at its flourishing casinos.So go on. Let the cards, chps, and dice fall where they may. Who knows, you may go back home with good fortune and never forget that you found it here in Kenya.




 “Fermento” is Malindi’s

most popular disco. Located above the Galana Center, right in front of the Stardust Discotheque.

The staircase leading to the terrace of the Fermento
More like a disco we can call it a Disco-Bar, Fermento is run by an Italian and has all the features of a Mila
no by night room. It is accessed by a large terrace, smoking area, which overlooks Lamu Road. The room is quite elegant and cared for in details, very clean and bright, well-air conditioned; The elliptical main banco bar separates the two-part Disco-Bar:

The lounge area and the dance floor area. It is especially frequented by tourists, as well as by Italians living in Malindi, there are also many young and beautiful kenyote girls, who are quite available with men of

all ages. Fermento meets characters of all kinds, including those known as Flavio Briatore.
The Fermento Discotheq
ue is open every day, but it fills mainly on weekends thanks to the wave of tourists coming from all the resorts and villages of the area.

You do not pay entranceticket, you use a “drink-card” with compulsory consumption; The cost of drinks is the highest in Malindi, but the quality is without doubt the best. The music is typically from an Italian disco-bar with some reference to “black-music”. Here too, as in Stardust, the security service is great, although it is used almost exclusively

    to select the entrance of the locals. Its position in front of Stardust has created “discreet commuting”, in fact it is natural to move from one locale to another several times in the same evening

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